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On Her mind

Nov 17, 2018

Finding Your Path to a Fresh Start - Carolyn McClanahan discusses her unconventional career path from ER physician to financial planner. Learn the steps she took to design a career on her terms and get inspired to discover your passions and make some changes of your own.


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Nov 17, 2018

Introducing On Her Mind: Finally a podcast that talks about the many things women worry about: careers, relationships, family, money and personal fulfillment. Join us and learn the answers to those uncomfortable questions you’ve not wanted to ask.

Nov 14, 2018

Physician and financial planner, Carolyn McClanahan, is back to discuss how aging can affect financial plans and the ability to make sound decisions.  Find out how you can age-proof your plan - or how to have necessary (but difficult) conversations about cognitive decline with family members.


Carolyn McClanahan is a...